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UST professor with her student

This is very shocking and very alarming because another scandal video was uploaded and the culprit behind all of this is a professor in University of Santo Tomas. The female on the scandal video is her student that have a failing grade. The professor made a deal that she will pass her student if she will give what he wants. The girl have no choice but to do it so that she can have a high grade. The professor is not under investigation about what happened to her student and him. There are so many male teachers also that doing this strategy to make fun of their student and make a video scandal with them.

FEU college student

This first week of July year 2017 another shocking video scandal was uploaded via facebook by an uknown source the girl on the video is a student of Far Eastern University or much known as FEU. The girl is very known because her mother is a very high paid doctor in St. Lukes hospital. They have suspected that the uploader of the video scandal is her boyfriend because the day after that they did some arguments with each other.  The video scandal is about 7 minutes in a dark room.

Motel in cubao part 2

After the realease of the first video scandal motel in cubao another video scandal was uploaded at the same location and motel and the video scandal was happened other day because they have different clothes. The first scandal video is they are in their uniform upon entering the motel. As they enjoy their moment they still not notice again that there is a hidden camera on their room. All the people should observe upon entering the room you might be filmed in your private room. The video gone viral again and many viewers comment telling that there will be a part 3 of the said video scandal.

BDO accountant traffic in Edsa

Yesterday another went viral because an accountant of a ver reputable bank have an scandal video while she is inside her car. She confess that she got bored and begin to do that to herself while she is in Edsa in a heavy traffic. The girl accountant is an employee of BDO all of the 3 minutes video was happened inside her car. Even her car is tinted some of the vihicle beside her saw what she is doing. The video scandal gone viral and most talked most specially with her friends and officemates in the company the video scandal is very shocking.

Callcenter agent in BGC condo sharing

A callcenter agent is viral on facebook because of her video scandal. She is the bread winner of her family but because of her video scandal all went wrong. Many was shocked because she is very wholesome in outside world but if she all alone in her room in condo she is doing some things that is not very uncommon. The callcenter agent is a working student she is working and going to class after work. The said video was captured by her roommate she did not notice that one of her roommates has arrived and she is doing something very uncommon.

Pinay nurse in Saudi Arabia

This year 2017 is a very shocking year mostly in Philippines because lots of video scandal is uploaded every week. Like this featured today in this blog about a pinay nurse in Saudi Arabia. The video scandal that is viral right now is supposed to be a private video of her and his boyfriend but it went wrong when her boyfriend lost his cellphone on one of the taxi in manila city. The video scandal was intense and the pinay nurse knows well how to dance while she is talking some words in some part of Visayas. The pinay nurse can not blame his boyfriend because his phone was lost and not intentionally uploaded it like the other videos.

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